Here at Vicuña Royale we believe that a fine fibre such as vicuña should be showcased. This is why we have taken great care to marry the finest skilled Italian weaving with traditional British craftsmanship to create truly unique products. 


The beauty of this fibre is quality; the fibre is put through time-honoured processes to complement its capabilities. We work to the fibre’s versatile properties, celebrating the tradition linked with the fibre and its rarity. Time and dedication goes into every piece from the first stage of shearing to the final stitch on the garment.


And we do all of this whilst being committed to the continued conservation of the vicuña. We are passionate about the ancient history of this precious animal and we want to tell the world. 

What We Stand For

Our fibre is sourced from Peru, where the vicuña is sheared once every two years in an ancient ceremony originating in Inca times. The local communities use age old tradition to heard and shear the vicuña, before releasing them unhurt into the wild. With each vicuña only able to produce one pound of fibre a year, the fibre is one of the world’s most precious luxuries.


Our fibre is then spun in Italy, at a mill which has a proud history of quality and tradition. In fact, the town around the mill was created just for the employees, meaning the mill is at the centre of the community. 


Communities come together in order to shear the fibre and spin our yarn. Quality is ensured when people are passionate about what they do, they go the extra mile to ensure perfection. This is why we are so passionate about this unique journey which every one of our products goes through. 

A Journey of Quality

Our quality yarn is then brought to the UK, where we weave our final products using age-old methods. Using traditional techniques and people who are masters of their trade, we are able to create products which are personal to each and every client. 


A fibre which was once only allowed to be worn by royalty deserves this attention to detail.


Our finished garments are then packaged in our specially designed boxes, complete with the client’s name and unique license code.


Jack Crofts


Though Jack’s background is in business, he is passionate about quality manufacturing and craftsmanship. Controlling the supply chain and working closely with manufacturers, Jack’s passion for luxury means we currently work with the world’s most unique and talented companies. 


Jack is passionate about the story of the Vicuña and it’s continued conservation, working closely with all of our stakeholders to ensure we promote the protection of this prestigious animal. 

Emma Mortimer

Chief Designer

Emma’s background is in fashion design and traditional bespoke tailoring. This has enabled her to use her keen eye for fine detailing and hone in on handcraft skills. Emma’s approach to creating a garment is that things of quality take time to produce, this comes from a great appreciation for fine craftsmanship and the work that goes into it, as it gives the garment a story from the relationship with its maker, which the wearer can cherish for a lifetime.

Thomas Houseman

Business Development

One of the founders of Vicuña Royale, Tom’s core values are aligned with those of the brand. His skills lie in sales, working closely with our clients in order to ensure the experience of acquiring a Vicuña Royale product is like no other. Whether purchasing a product from our collection, or a uniquely bespoke project, Tom’s passion for personalised experience ensures every client leaves with only the most luxurious garment. 

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